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Land Ownership and Registration in Ghana

Buying or Owning Land and Registering it in Ghana is now a dream for most Ghanaians and foreigners. Ghanaians who are looking at building a home with their loved ones or family see it as a way of minimizing cost. Foreign investors looking at doing business in Ghana for the long term also see it…

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Few Houses Left at Le Jardin Symphonique

After  introducing Le Jardin Symphonique, a 54-detached house gated  community into the market, our potential clients fell in love with the properties and admired our serene and friendly environment. As at now 90% of the houses are sold out, just a few left. We would like to sincerely thank  our clients for their continued  support…

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Come and Buy Our Ready-to-Move-In Properties at Sakumono

Latest status of AlphabetCity and Le Jardin Symphonique, we are working hard to make sure that our clients could move in as soon as possible. Just 5 houses left at Le Jardin Symphonique, the town house project at Sakumono. 90% of the apartment units for the first block of AlphabetCity  are sold out. This is…

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Reasons Why You Need to Buy a House from a Gated Community in Ghana

Buying a house and enjoying the comfort one desires is a dream for everyone living in Ghana, be it a Ghanaian or a foreign national. This dream has necessitated a high demand for houses in Ghana and with a given market supply, resulting in many Landowners duping clients by selling the same plot of land…

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Buying Litigation Free Land in Ghana

In Ghana, Land is mainly owned through ethno-tribal and family ties, with chiefs, kings and queen mothers acting as trustees and deciding on behalf and in trust for a group/family. Generally, there are two types of lands in Ghana: Customary Land and Public Land. However, you may also come across some individual lands but are…

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Waylead Partnered with the Construction 360 YouTube Channel

In order to let more Ghanaians know more about construction, Waylead partnered with an independent photographer to launch a new YouTube channel-Construction 360. The channel will try to give Ghanaians more details about construction. The target viewers of the channel are the people who intend to build their own house or buy a new house….

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